Scans, grades and codes


We are not professional graders, and although grading is fairly subjective, we handle the grading system that’s common in the global comic book market. We scan every cover (and even back covers if necessary!) in high resolution, so you’re able to check the condition for yourself – what you see is what you get! So we almost never use publisher’s promo pics or downloaded internet images, except for issues of certain modern and high grade series with a relatively low selling price – otherwise we would be busy until 2050 if we’d try to scan every book out there 🙂 It’s clearly stated on the product page if the shown image is a reference picture, and not a scan of the actual book.

These are the codes we use to describe the condition of the book:

NM / Near Mint

As good as new. Nearly perfect copy.

NM-: As good as new. Nearly perfect with only (barely noticeable) minor defects (for example just one or maximum two tiny stress marks).

VF / Very Fine

An excellent copy with outstanding eye appeal. Sharp, bright and clean, and although the comic book has been read once, it has been carefully handled. Limited accumulation of minor defects (minimal wear, minor spine color break). Some spine/staple stress. Paper: off-white to yellow/cream.

FN / Fine

Above-average read copy that may show some surface and spine wear, blunted corners and some discoloration, but is relatively clean and flat. There can be a 1/4” spine split or severe color breaks, minor staple tears and very subtle creases in the cover. Ultra light subscription crease may be present.

VG / Very Good

Average very well-read and used comic book. Significant wear: cover may be loose (but not completely detached), reduction in reflectivity, possible accumulation of creases, discoloration and blunted/missing corners. Some other defects are allowed but not altogether: spine roll, 1” spine split, staple missing, staples rusting and rust migration, minor to moderate tears, heavy subscription, price tags.

GD / Good

Considered a very low grade copy. Significant wear, cover may be loose. Creases, tears, discoloration, heavy spine damage, stains, …

FR – Fair / PR – Poor:

The lowest collectible grades. Mostly incomplete and/or unreadable. Extremely heavy wear.

Our handy 10 Point Scale!

  • NM 9.4 and higher
  • NM- 9.2
  • VF/NM 9.0
  • VF+ 8.5
  • VF 8
  • VF- 7.5
  • FN/VF 7.0
  • FN+ 6.5
  • FN 6.0
  • FN- 5.5
  • VG/FN 5.0
  • VG+ 4.5
  • VG 4.0
  • VG- 3.5
  • GD/VG 3.0
  • GD+ 2.5
  • GD 2.0
  • FR & PR: Lower than 2.0


Quite a lot of our high grade comic books are Mark Jeweler variants. They can be distinguished by the code ‘MJ’ in their title (for example: Avengers (1963) #194 MJ). Mark Jeweler advertisement inserts were used in both Marvel and DC comic books from 1972 through 1988, but they only occur in approximately 5% or less of any given issue, which makes them pretty hard to find and very collectible, especially when it’s also a newsstand copy. These variants were distributed near U.S. military bases, both in the US and abroad and allowed servicemen to purchase jewelry and engagement rings. CGC acknowledges the Mark Jewelers inserts on their labels.

We’re not kidding: it’s downright rare you’ll find a collection of MJ variants in the superb condition (VF/NM and higher!) we’re offering here! So if you’re a collector of Mark Jewelers variants, just type ‘MJ’ in the search button for a complete list.