Prices, packaging, shipping & return policy


We try to keep in touch with the values in the global comic book market and price our books fair and balanced. We do not sell new release comic books, our books are pre-owned and therefore free of VAT.


All comics come bagged and boarded! We pack your items very carefully, in thick, sturdy material to prevent your comic books from getting damaged during transportation.


Yes, we do ship world wide! Because shipping can be quite expensive, and often differs between countries, we work with different carriers and methods to offer you the best and easiest shipment solution. In the checkout stage, you can choose your preferred methods of traffic and package collection. We offer track and trace so you can check upon your ordered items during transit. We’ll handle all the boring stuff regarding customs and excise for you if your country demands this, and inform you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding shipping.

All online orders ship between 3 and 5 business days. Please be patient during holiday seasons, packages sometimes do get a delay in times of pressure in international traffic.

Shipping rates

  • Belgium:
    DPD: 7,55
    DPD Pickup: 6,50
    Bpost: 7,5
  • Netherlands, Germany:
    DPD: 9,80
    DPD Pickup: 8
    Bpost: 9,95
  • Luxembourg:
    DPD: 12,55
    Bpost: 10
  • France:
    DPD: 12,50
    DPD Pickup: 10,95
    Bpost: 11,95
  • UK:
    DPD: 13,95
    DPD Pickup: 11,45
    Bpost: 12
  • Spain, Portugal:
    DPD: 24,40
    Bpost: 22,40
  • Sweden:
    DPD: 62,95
    Bpost: 22,85
  • Denmark
    DPD: 19,55
    DPD Pickup: 14,50
    Bpost: 22,75
  • Ireland, Italia, Hungary, Poland
    DPD: 19,45
    Bpost: 22,40
  • Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania
    DPD: 29,50
  • Greece, Finland:
    Bpost: 22,50
  • Norway, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Serbia:
    DPD: 62,90
    Bpost: 29,90
  • Austria:
    DPD: 19,55
    DPD Pickup: 11,50
    Bpost: 22,50
  • Estland, Letland, Litouwen, Monaco, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic
    DPD: 19,90
  • USA, China, Canada:
    Bpost: 29,90
  • Australia:
    Bpost: 69
  • Rest of the world:
    Bpost: 45,50

Free shipping!

  • Belgium: all orders 75€ or higher
  • Netherlands, Luxembourg: 99€ or higher
  • Germany, France, United Kingdom: 149€ or higher
  • Rest of Europe: 199€ or higher
  • USA & Australia: 250€ or higher
  • Rest of the world: please ask (

Return Policy


If we are unable, for any reason whatsoever, to provide an item you ordered, we will notify you by email and will provide any required refund.

We only accept returns and/or refund when: 1. Your item was lost during transit. 2. Your item was damaged during transit 3. You received the wrong item(s) 4. One or more items are missing in your package

Your item was lost or damaged during transit? Please let us know as soon as possible, mail to

You got the wrong item(s), or something is missing in your package? Please notify us within 7 days of receipt ( We will send you the right comic book(s) within a week after we’re ensured of the mistake – or we can refund the purchased items (without shipping) if you send them (well-packaged and damage-free) back to us. If, in the meantime, your requested book(s) went out of stock, we’ll refund you the money within 10 business days.

So we don’t accept returns if you didn’t like a story arc, or, after browsing the net for nights in a row, you found a dealer that’s selling the exact same book at a better price.