We’re always interested in buying your comic books, (art) magazines and paperbacks – no matter how old, big or small your collection is, or what country you’re living in. Write us at, and just add a list and/or some pictures of the stuff you want to get rid of. Yes, Bart is prepared to drive miles and miles through wild and godforsaken landscapes to meet you personally in case of really interesting or large collections. Keep in mind that we’re only interested in older comics and magazines in the English language. Items that are 25 years old or younger, need to be in top notch condition (at least VF/NM) and in interesting quantity – well, to put it bluntly: we won’t buy your fourteen mid grade 2002 Batgirl comic books.

In addition: we also like to be a commercial platform to support European artists and European small press publishers, so if you’re interested in selling your product through our site, please feel free to contact us so we can inform you of our conditions and policy.