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The Burning Comics web shop was created by Bart, a life long comic enthusiast and collector. Confronted by the world-wide Covid-19 crisis, this professional graphic designer and illustrator, suffering a significant drop in commissions, decided to fill in this unexpected free time by sorting through the double issues in his comic book collection, scanning the covers and putting them online for sale. However as with many things he takes on, things rapidly got out of hand. This soon evolved into buying up collections from other enthusiasts that led to his initial pile of a hundred or so comics books that were initially up for sale, becoming this monster collection that has mutated into the online store you see today.

At the moment Burning Comics specializes in vintage US comics and magazines from the seventies and eighties, but new comics are added almost every day! So keep coming back. We’re sure that at some point in our growing collection, we’ll have something in store for everyone.

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